Nice places to visit in Vietnam.

If you happened to travel in Vietnam, you may be amazed by their lifestyle. It looks completely different from the western countries in many respects. First of all it’s worth noting about their weather and climate. In Vietnam, just the same way like Japan, you could often observe the most beautiful dawns. The sun often appears golden-brown and pinkish as it rises each day to bring light upon the country and its citizens. The fact that makes it quite visible is the absence of smoke and clouds from the east. Hence a lot of travelling tours utilize this beautiful aspect of Vietnam and make you observe it in person. The town folk even says that this is what keeps them energized and gives strength to do the hard work.

Here are some places you should consider visiting. The first on the list would be Halong Bay Tour. This place is officially protected by UNESCO and it is so for a good reason. Many travelers believe it is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. The bay area stretches for a hundred of miles and hosts an innumerable number of islets. Even though the tours are always getting hot, in terms of demand, you will hardly ever find it overcrowded at all. In fact, apart from its vastness, it’s also not that much populated (when compared to the capital and other large cities). Hence you could enjoy in solitude and the privacy, if you travel with a group.

Another place highly worth visiting is the actual city of Ho Chi Minh. As you walk on the streets you will be amazed on how densely it is populated, and yet feels quite comfortable and peaceful. The good thing about this city is that you will never get trapped in the traffic, because there aren’t any cars on the streets. All you will see are the swarms of motorcyclists, and although it may look hectic from the first sight, it is quite very flexible and also safe. In the middle of the city, there are plenty of different hotels and parks and many other places for amusement. In the evening the life still goes on like nothing happens. For the lovers of bars – there are plenty of them, and it costs too cheap to be true. The food restaurants are also amazing, and each one offers their own specialties.